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Facts About Whistleblower Law Everyone Should Know 

Facts About Whistleblower Law Everyone Should Know 

Are you thinking about blowing the whistle?  Well, the society we live in has many cracks.  This is precisely why we needs more people who will raise the awareness of our communities which ultimately make up our entire society. That being said, I believe that our society could use more whistleblowers.  Not only that whistleblowers are building blocks of a future, better, more functional society, but today also have certain rights guaranteed by law. 

shutterstock_144257470v2Even though a lot of people might be skeptical about whether or not they need a Missouri Personal Injury Attorneys, even though they are aware of certain wrongdoings, every individual should now that blowing the whistle isn’t something you should be afraid of.  Furthermore, it’s not something you should be ashamed of.  Blowing the whistle, and calling out wrongdoings when you see them, it is the most generous act a member of society can do in order to in told the quality of life and bring those wrongdoings do the justice.  By blowing the whistle, you are protecting yourself, your family, your community, your state and your country.  Here are some facts about Whistleblowing that you should know:

You Are Protected By The Law 

Whistleblower law is the law which protects employees from being terminated, discriminated, or made redundant, as a consequence of exposing dishonest and/or illegal activities, wrongdoings, and activities which violate the public trust, does have a current in the place of their employment.

2015-07-30-1438223403-984026-backwhistleWhistleblowing On Your Work Place 

The term itself, is generally associated with governments workers who report frauds in their workplace.  The whistleblower law therefore serves to protect employees in both public and private companies, as well as the employees in government agencies from being discriminated.

Awards For Whistleblowers 

Furthermore, the law not only protects the whistleblowers, but it also awards them.  Some on the statutes make provisions for monetary awards for employers who had reported suspicious activity is in their companies, when their colleagues or employers have been found guilty of these types of violations.

Types of Violations Reported

Various types of violations have been reported by whistleblowers.  Most typical violations include: illegal activities, gross mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority, and the other actions which represents a significant an explicit danger to public health or safety.

Federal Protection 

The federal employees, who are whistleblowers, are protected by the federal Whistle Blower Protection Act (WPA).  This act also requires for the Federal agencies to take appropriate action in order to investigate the circumstances.  The investigation is done by the Office of Special Counsel (OSC). The Office of Special Counsel investigates complaints by the federal employees who claim they have been punished for blowing the whistle on and the cost of their employer.

Disclaimer: This article is no substitution for legal advice given by a professional.  If you are in need of a legal advice please consult a lawyer or an attorney. 

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